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Who looks after your IT ?

Wednesday 28th June 2017

99% of businesses today have in place some kind of IT system to help them run their business. It’s a fact… without computers most business would simply not be able to operate.

Our IT systems help us Communicate, Market, Sell, Buy and build our dreams into successful and profitable businesses so surely, it’s important that they are looked after, protected and maintained correctly.

As an IT Support company, we spend our days asking the question, “who looks after your IT?” And you would be surprised how many people still come back with the answer, “ah we just look after it ourselves”.

Are we becoming, just a little too comfortable in our surrounding?

Almost every company has one… The employee who is the IT expert. It’s not his or her main occupation but they know a bit about computers and can fix most things so why bother out-sourcing IT Support. Don’t get me wrong these employees are an asset and can be of great help to an IT Support company and we welcome the opportunity to engage with them, but they would be the first to admit that they have their limitations and with cybercrime on the increase it’s a massive responsibility.

I think we all agree that having a good and reliable IT System is important and fantastic when it all works and runs smoothly: and most of the time our computers play ball… we just switch them on when we come into work and like magic! everything is working perfectly, your emails are in, the internet is working, you can print, you can access the database, so everything is normal. Great… Time for a coffee before you get started for the day. We do occasionally take a moment to think however what if! when we see something on the news about a business being hit by a virus or a cyber-attack, but it’s that old chestnut. It won’t happen to me, why would anybody bother with your business…. The problem is the cybercriminals just randomly attack vulnerable networks that they can get access too they don’t really know or care who you are.


Disaster strikes when you least expect it, so why take the risk ?

Then BOOOOOM… Your employees come in one morning to start their shift and there is a message on the screen …………… they can’t access anything; your data seems to have disappeared over night, you have no contact numbers for clients, you don’t know what orders are coming in or supposed to be going out today, you don’t have access to accounts or payroll:  your business comes to a standstill and it’s a Saturday!!!! you only came in to pick up your mail and everyone is just standing around looking at you.  What do we do Now Boss…?

It’s your worst nightmare, we never know what’s around the corner, like a car crash…it just happens out of the blue. So, ask yourself this?  Would you drive your car without a seat belt? Would you drive your car without insurance? Would you drive your car if it wasn’t MOT’d and regularly services.?  NO, you wouldn’t.  So why take such a big risk with your business, your lively hood, your life…


IT Support is essential it’s no longer an option.   A good IT support company will not only support you when something goes wrong but will do everything they can to prevent the worst from happening.  Today IT Support is all about proactive maintenance and protection.  The days of the break fix engineer turning up with his little tool box under his arm are long gone… Managing and maintaining your network 24 hours a day and securing your data should be the number one priority.  The IT world is forever evolving and so is how we support and protect your IT systems.  As IT professionals, it’s our job to keep on top of these developments and warn our clients and advise them as to what changes they need to make to their networks so their data is safe and secure and their business is protected.

At CCN we specialize in business continuity and disaster recovery solutions.  We partner with StorageCraft one of the world leaders in backup and recovery solutions.  We invest heavily in training our engineers and have in-house Master Engineers who specialize in data replication and recovery.

CCN offer IT Support to businesses across Scotland, our engineers are approachable and happy to help. If you would like some advice on how to make your network safe and secure then please simply call our helpdesk on 01738 506070 or pop us over an email at

Advice is FREE!

“The only thing to do with good advice is pass it on. It is never of any use to oneself”

Oscar Wilde


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