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The ability to do business any time, in any location, is essential if you’re to get ahead. Our range of innovative Mobile Working solutions could transform the way you operate, boosting productivity and cutting costs.

Strong, secure connections; fast and reliable access to your resources; practical and effective equipment –all are integral to being able to work well on the move.

At CCN we can ensure these things and more, guiding you through the systems and software that will make your business more dynamic and your workforce more efficient, motivated and productive.

Our Cloud services allow you to virtualize your network and access it easily and securely from anywhere in the world. While our intelligent VoIP and Telecoms systems can revolutionise workplace communications, delivering a more flexible, professional, and cost-effective service.

    • Modern mobile business technology that allows you to work from anywhere whilst keeping your data safe across all locations and devices.
    • Access your key business documents and applications in real-time, on the go, via your mobile device. So when you leave the office you take your business with you.
    • Away at a conference or meeting, visiting clients, or working remotely; go mobile and your team will be able to continue to work as if they were sitting behind their desks.


    • Poor connectivity and device functionality are two of the most common complaints made by mobile workers. Let CCN advise you on the best tools for the job.

Better, Faster, Safer - in the office or on the go

Access to all your resources wherever and whenever you need them with CCN Cloud Services.
With systems designed to suit your specific requirements, our VoIP and Telecoms products promise enhanced communications at reduced costs.

Let CCN help you get your business mobile

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