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A CCN Network Audit will give you a comprehensive overview of the operational effectiveness of your IT system – its scope, its strength, and its vulnerabilities.

Our experienced consultants will carry out a full analysis of your existing network, from the physical connectivity and overall design, to how well it’s serving you and your staff.

We’ll also take into consideration current and projected traffic levels, and your plans and ambitions for future growth and expansion.

Based on the information gathered we’ll then make recommendations on the key issues, suggesting ways to improve and enhance your network to allow it to fully meet your business needs now and in the future.

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Is your IT Network working at full capacity or does it seem slow and sluggish ?

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With more than 30 years experience in the industry, our team have the knowledge and skill to deliver solutions that will streamline your operations

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Moving to the cloud can increase employee productivity, offer secure off premise storage and reduce your IT hardware costs. An IT Audit from CCN will help you identify if cloud computing is the way forward for your business.

Would your Team benefit from being able to share information and collaborate information fast and efficiently on any device, anytime, anywhere. An IT Audit from CCN will help you identify if Sharepoint is the way forward for your business.

    • A CCN Network Audit will flag up any potential snags in your system and let you deal with them before they can slow you down
    • Based in the heart of Scotland, we work with clients up and down the country, providing IT support across a varied range of industry sectors
    • From independent and family-run firms to larger corporate organisations, getting the very best performance out of your network is key to the success of your business.
    • A CCN Network Audit will help you maximise your resources, guiding you on how to make the most of your existing system and advising ways to improve it

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Alongside Network Audits, we also have the experience and the capabilities to migrate your systems, or redesign it altogether.

Whether you’re looking to migrate a single system, or completely redesign your network, CCN have the expertise and the experience to ensure the transition is smooth and straightforward.
We’ll make sure you and your staff can get the best out of your infrastructure investment.

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