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Through our partners StorageCraft we offer a range of award-winning data backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Using Storagecraft’s recovery solution our qualified master engineers can create reliable snapshots of your entire computer, including data, applications, and your operating systems, making them easy to retrieve and recover.

Secure and reliable Cloud Services can keep your system protected from a site-wide disaster, allowing you to virtualize your backed up machines so you can get your business back up and running as soon as possible.

How StorageCraft Works

Your IT system and the data stored on it is one of your most important business assets, making sure it’s safe and secure is essential. Failure is not an option.

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    • All your systems and data up-to-date and in perfect condition, saved on and off site for ultimate security
    • Using virtualisation and the Cloud you can keep your business running while you’re waiting for your new hardware to arrive
    • We will monitor your backups to ensure they’re reliable and retrievable, taking action if a backup fails or you’re running low on storage space
    • With StorageCraft you can launch a backup image as a virtual machine so you can safely test new software or bypass any problems with your host machine

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Whether you’re hit by fire or flood, an IT disaster or a malicious attack on your network, our extensive range of disaster recovery solutions will keep your systems safe and secure.

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