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Quick, secure communication and collaboration with your clients and co-workers is essential. With CCN and Microsoft SharePoint you can do just that.

SharePoint allows you to keep all your files and documents safe in one place so they can be easily accessed by anyone within your compan. It also boasts a number of innovative features to improve the sharing of information and resources across your business.

Our expert engineers will customise the platform to suit your organisation’s specific requirements, helping to simplify and streamline many of your daily operations and boosting collaboration and productivity within your workforce.

With our skill, experience and knowledge, CCN is the perfect partner to implement SharePoint within your business and ensure you get the very best out of it.

How does Microsoft SharePoint work?

SharePoint is an intelligent collaboration platform, working as an internal internet (or intranet) for your employees, as well as an external portal for your clients. It allows you to store your documents centrally and securely, and to set appropriate access levels for each file to determine who else can read, download or edit it.

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    • With SharePoint you can store all your documents – from public-facing information to confidential reports and retain strict control over who can access them.
    • SharePoint provides a flexible environment where you can work on feature rich project sites which end users can also manage. SharePoint also helps you to maintain and manage different versions of documents.
    • In SharePoint intranet you can create workflows, automate business processes and expedite the matters so as to facilitate the better and faster decision making.
    • A SharePoint intranet with its many innovative features and benefits can be an effective platform to manage your entire projects from start to finish. You can assign tasks to employees and organize the work on daily basis to produce optimum results.

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