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At CCN we understand that working 9-5 is no way to make a living; being able to respond to business communications quickly and effectively – any time, any place, is essential if you’re to stay at the top of your game.

For effective mobile working you need an IT system and support you can rely on. Our experts can guide you to the mobile devices best suited to your requirements, and make sure they are fully integrated with your on-site systems and resources for maximum productivity.

We can offer mobile contracts and source devices such as handsets, tablets and laptops at extremely competitive rates. Our team will advise you which solutions will work best within your existing IT and telecoms system, and with our managed support option we’ll be on-hand to assist with any queries or issues, any time you need us.

    • We determine bespoke mobile working solutions for you
    • Work as effectively out of the office as you do in it.
    • CCN’s IT security team will provide you with the software &support to take the risk out of working mobile.
    • Protect your files even when they’re being accessed from multiple off-site locations.
    • Completely independent and with decades of industry experience.
    • CCN will recommend the right solutions, tailor-made, for your specific requirements and demands.
    • We keep a continual check on your system, monitoring your security, installing software updates, and carrying out regular maintenance.
    • You know your technology is always doing its best for you.

CCN can help make your business more flexible and productive today.

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