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Growing and progressing your business is your area of expertise; making sure your IT system can meet the demands of your success is ours. At CCN we have a proven track record of implementing and managing MPLS systems for companies across Scotland.

The platform allows you to converge data, voice, video and wireless technologies over a single IP network, giving you the security and efficiency of a private network without the usual costs.

MPLS is a fantastic solution for bigger and multi-site companies, offering a secure and dedicated point-to-point route between your business sites, and allowing the sharing of key resources such as broadband, telecoms, backup storage, and databases.

Our expert team will configure your MPLS system to give priority to critical data types, and route bandwidth between sites only during the periods you need it – maximising your resources and ensuring your system never becomes overloaded or lets you down.

    • Our favoured MPLS partner Cisco is considered an industry standard for cloud and managed services and guarantees superior levels of service and support.
    • We will configure and maintain your MPLS system to ensure the rapid management and re-routing of traffic and bandwidth so you can always connect with confidence.
    • Depending on the specific mix of applications, and network configuration, MPLS-based services can reduce costs by 10% to 25% over comparable data services.
    • Most companies have come to the conclusion that MPLS represents “the wave of the future.” Investment in legacy WAN services (ATM, frame) has pretty much come to a standstill.

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